Birthday Blackberries 

Lake is seven months old today. I celebrated by eating pie after he went to sleep at eight o’clock. I fed him all evening so he should be well tanked up. Then I needed to replenish myself too! My friend was right, it’s hard to keep the weight on after the breastfed baby casts off his training wheel appetite and really tucks in for his dinners. 

So, behold this beautiful pie Nana made especially for gluten free vegan mummy! Perfect with a Coconut Bliss accompaniment. Now, Happy (monthly) Birthday Lake! You enrich our lives so much with your ebullient spirit!

Quinault hand-picked blackberries!

2 thoughts on “Birthday Blackberries 

  1. Yummy. I’ve finally been able to resume eating and Today I actually had 3 meals and a piece of your Mom’s delicious pie for dessert too. I decided that I would sample every tasty dish I missed on Christmas, I don’t feel so pathetic now.

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