Ode to Clarence 

Lake and I drove out Saturday morning while it was quite wet. 

To Harborview, to work, where Clarence was met. 

We got off to a really good start,

With coffee and admirers, before we did part.

Then Lake got to spend the whole day with Clarence, 

A great day of fun away from his parents. 

Well, sometimes while Mummy was working 

To everyone’s delight Clarence was lurking. 

In spite of the torrential rain, outside they went

walking to Starbucks Brewery just as he’d originally meant. 

There Lake dug it, as it was lively and loud and terrifically boisterous!

The coffee, thought Clarence, was dreamy and creamy, and absolutely lustrous!

And then to the Frye to contemplate the art

And suffice it to say

They had a great day!

But indeed, what’s more,

In conclusion, to Starbucks in the Columbia Tower, on the 73rd floor !

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