Night Blossoms 

Sometimes we’re not able to do what we would exactly prefer. Especially with respect to your life with an infant and also with regard to a family. Like this weekend: the days dawned sunny and beautiful; hiking would have been ideal, as I had spring fever in my bones. Indeed, as responsiblities beckon, Sunday was a day for bicycle shopping, weeding the garden, and Costco. On weekends we often do householding, the stuff of daily life. The meat and potatoes of a marriage. Or in our case, is it the carrots and hummus of marriage? 

Saturday we would have liked to go to yoga and our friends’ daughter’s first birthday party and view the cherry blossoms on the quad. Instead we were buying our weekly bread at the farmers market and cleaning our guest apartment. But you know, in spite of not having gone to the mountains or the ocean or the tropics of Asia we had a wonderful couple of days of domestic partnership. Michael called it a “Sweetheart Weekend “. Sometimes householding is enough, and precious and couldn’t be improved upon one bit. And we still somehow manage to find ways to sneak in the weekend wishlist. It just doesn’t always look as expected. Like an impromptu Sunday night game night with neighborhood friends. Or an even more spontaneous bit of yoga with your baby in the bathroom. And I was so desperate to get over to see the cherry blossom phenomenon, bursting and overflowing with cascades of frothy homespun delicate lacy pink blossoms on the Quad just a tantalizing few blocks away, that I enlisted Michaels help to ensure we had a chance for our own virewing. So we set out around sunset and dusk fell and we had our cherry trees by night. Night blossoms. Blissfully beautiful even without a bright blue backdrop. So enchanting really and ever the more special due to its unconventional take and the way it worked for us. Part of the thoughtful rendition of the Sweetheart Weekend. 

And then it’s good to remember when in the middle of a baby derived black hole that there’s always another day, too. So, Monday evening after work Lake and I returned to take in the daylight scene. It literally took my breath away. 

I have an unexplainable love affair for these blossoms. I can’t get enough. I want to see them again tomorrow. I want to see them at sunrise. They are incredible! Even so. However humbled they might be at night compared to the impressive show of the day, the night blossom viewing definitely had the most heartfelt romantic spirit and a bit of the magical!