Escape Artists

Not only can Lake escape his bed, he can also open our new baby gate. I watched him open it. And the cats can both jump over it. Mr. Silky, aka Friendly the Cat, jumped into the top cupboard in Lake’s room, where we house his children’s book collection. Then I watched Mr. Cat climb over the super tall baby gate. We use the baby gates at the top of our flights of stairs for dual purposes: Lake’s safety but also to contain the wild cats a bit. Now, what can these brothers not do? Lake is learning from the masters. 

This little man is ready to go!


Lake is getting really interested in exploring his environment these days. He can’t walk yet, but that doesn’t slow him down from experiencing his surroundings to the fullest. He’s checking out all the elements. Earth. Water. Fire. Metal. Air. He loves it all. And he gets right out there. Up close. Feels the feelings. Tastes the offerings. Lake is not afraid to get a little dirty, wet, hot or cold. He indulges his curiosity without restraint. 

Earth. Greenlake Park
Water. UW Tower fountain
Fire. Glassybaby at Annapurna Cafe with Auntie Lindsay
Metal. Seattle Downtown waterfront with Jo
Air. Ravenna Park with Michael (imagine the breeze ruffling his hair)