Fremont Fair

This was a day for a bit of the outlandish… we saw many “firsts”, surprising fresh cat musicians and the old standbys the famous (notorious?) painted bicyclists. Lake and I were seeing them for the first time.

It was quite a sight and quite a scene. There were also other parade floats and many people. 

In spite of a bit of rain sprinkles we made a day of it. We had a fun full day complete with hand pies from Michael’s favorite pie place: Piea. It was fun to reminisce about last year when we came down to Fremont for the fair on Sunday, Michael’s first Fathers Day. This year we came on Saturday and so many things have changed in the meantime, Lake first and foremost, but the love of pie and our love for Lake and each other has stayed strong. 

Father’s Day Hike

We beautifully executed our first day hike of the season…. so timely for Father’s Day! Today we joined Michael’s Bellevue cousins and headed for our version of the freedom of the hills: Twin Falls. We were aiming for a level of ambition commensurate with our current ragtag skill set and conditioning status. This pretty little trio of waterfalls out I 90 east, not too far, nailed it perfectly. Fresh forest air, impressive waterfall action and daring wooden foot paths, bridges and overlooks. Lake had a blast! He loves his Daddy and he loves “hiking” in the carrier. I think the feeling is mutual. We ate lots of trail snacks and also relished a big family barbecue afterwards. A perfect day! Happy Father’s Day to all the wonderful husbands and fathers, and most especially mine!

Off to an energetic start!
Father and son hiking along, all smiles!
Devil’s Club taller than we are!
Rest stop!
Made it to Twin Falls!
I love my family!
My Blessed Boys!


Over the weekend Lake and I went to Bainbridge Island to visit Grandma Julie and Grandpa Greg. Daddy was working so he stayed in Seattle, but he gave us a boost by accompaning us on foot to the Link station. It was graduation day, making it extra fun to walk all the way through campus and reminisce about our own graduations. 

Lake loved the ferry ride. We walked on. We were “walk-on” passengers. 

In spite of mummy’s misgivings about the cleanliness of the deck, Lake insisted on crawling all over it. He still loves to crawl even though he’s mastered a few steps now. He’s a pragmatist. Crawling is faster, though that may suddenly unidirectionally shift in the near future. Friday he took his official first couple of steps. They were sporadic and rare for the next few days, but by Sunday evening he was getting more and more comfortable. By the end of the weekend he was walking eight steps in a row. 

We had a fantastic visit! Lake had a chance to eat lots of good food: oatmeal, rice, lamb, sauerkraut and some lettuce leaves, as well as dirt, from the garden. We went exploring in Rolling Bay at low tide. We relaxed… it was mellow, just what the doctor, well, wise mother-in-law, ordered. Thank you Julie and Greg!


It’s so nice to have a little family dinner. Michael makes it super funny with his tempting beet “lollipop dance” on the fork. “Nature’s candy,” says Daddy. I’m basically withholding them from Lake due to their extreme juiciness and practically unparalleled staining power. Then,  I can’t even begin to describe the frolicking this beet and Daddy’s face enjoyed. Suffice it to say beets would be incredibly popular if there was Michael on TV doing beet commercials. Lake is enthralled, then he enthusiastically points and says 

I’ll have what he’s having!

Michael considerately offers Lake a bite sized piece sans extra juice. Lake couldn’t be happier with his score! Beet: it’s what’s for dinner!

The proffered “clean” beet

Eat the Roses


In general Lake likes to eat things. A bit before this picture it was dirt. Then the watermelon. A bit afterwards, it was rose petals. It’s really nice on so many levels to have an evening walk after work. I’m super appreciating having the longer daylight hours and having Ardeth in town!

After dinner (and a big bowl of melon!) Ardeth and I set out for a walk around the Ravenna Park neighborhood together with Lake. Something tells me it must be June. There are suddenly so many roses out blooming!

We are enticed to pause and smell a few roses and then it’s addictive! We can’t stop. We walk from rose to rose all down Ravenna Boulevard and then all the way north on 20th Avenue to Third Place Books. Hand over hand we go snuffling and snuggling along.

Some of the roses are as big as Lake’s face. He loves it! He takes a fancy for eating the petals. As we sniff, he munches. We take the time to stop and eat the roses.

eat the roses!
eat the roses!
eat the roses!

A perfect day. I’m glad I spent it with you!