Eat the Roses


In general Lake likes to eat things. A bit before this picture it was dirt. Then the watermelon. A bit afterwards, it was rose petals. It’s really nice on so many levels to have an evening walk after work. I’m super appreciating having the longer daylight hours and having Ardeth in town!

After dinner (and a big bowl of melon!) Ardeth and I set out for a walk around the Ravenna Park neighborhood together with Lake. Something tells me it must be June. There are suddenly so many roses out blooming!

We are enticed to pause and smell a few roses and then it’s addictive! We can’t stop. We walk from rose to rose all down Ravenna Boulevard and then all the way north on 20th Avenue to Third Place Books. Hand over hand we go snuffling and snuggling along.

Some of the roses are as big as Lake’s face. He loves it! He takes a fancy for eating the petals. As we sniff, he munches. We take the time to stop and eat the roses.

eat the roses!
eat the roses!
eat the roses!

A perfect day. I’m glad I spent it with you!

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