Memorable Memorial Day

Beautiful backyard gathering with family and friends

This was a wonderfully memorable Memorial Day, as it was Lake’s first birthday anniversary! Lake turned one on Memorial Day! Happy Birthday Lakers! Zum Geburtstag viel Glück!

We had a great party! 

There was so much food! Delicious, nutritious and festively colorful!

We had a plentiful banquet thanks to Nana!

In lieu of the cake smash, Lake did a dirt smash! While his guests were enjoying Trophy cupcakes, he ate some melon and then gave himself a “chocolate cake” face out of garden humus. 

There was a veritable birthday bonanza of presents and gifts. The girls had a wild time assisting in the unwrapping. It was quite a show! Now, thanks to the generousity of our friends and family, Lake is fully equipped to launch stylishly into his second year!

There were so many presents! So many friends! So much food! It was a heavenly day! Lake had a blast! We had so many laughs and shared so many memories, old and new. Thank you generous revelers! 

Great-great auntie Joy!

Nana and the new xylophone from Jo!
Reaching out of Auntie Jessica’s arms for the party snacks!
Lake having the “time of his life” with Hazel and Milly!

After the partygoers went, Uncle John Riley stayed on and he and Daddy put together an extensive and comprehensive drip irrigation system for the gardens. A gift for Lake and mummy, the de facto gardener. As dusk settled and brought Lake’s first birthday anniversary to a close, Nana and Lake and I walked around Greenlake. A gentle decompression from an excitatory celebration. It’s also a golden opportunity to remember and reflect on this landmark day. 

One year ago, the beginning of the life-giving, life-changing journey of his birth day weekend:

Greenlake, Memorial Day weekend 2016
What a year! An amazing 365 perfect days, many of them chronicled here. It has truly been an honor and a blessing to share them with you. 

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