Welcome Back, Gam!

Welcome back to Seattle Gam! We are so glad you’re here. The first time we met was in 2012 at the Seattle Center. I was with a Michael, and the two of them had gotten to know each other just a bit when Michael was on P4 rotation at Khon Kaen University. So Gam had come as a pharmacist student on exchange to the UW Scool of Pharmacy for a few weeks. 

It’s good to reconnect now that so much has changed. There is a Lake! Lake has right away taken a strong liking to our bright young pharmacist friend from Thailand. 

We are honored to have her staying with us as our guest for the rest of the year. We feel so lucky to have her sweet energy blessing our home and family. It’s also a godsend to have an extra set of hands and another smiler for Lake! Today they spent their first full day together as Jo was off duty adventuring in Chicago for a long weekend, and Mummy and Daddy were at work. The day was a fantastic success. They were so happy, it was infectious… I was so happy! Also, I got to play tennis with my dear friend Lena, and take a shower. Icing on the cake! Thank you Gam, for your thoughtful support. Meanwhile, Lake and Gam, they had a right grand time.

Gam explains her caregiving philosophy to me with what I discern to be an endearing Buddhist sentiment. 

It’s simple really, you just love them, and the right care follows. You didn’t have to tell me to wash his hands before eating. It’s just when you love someone, you think, wouldn’t it be nice to have clean hands, and you help him to have that. 

Lake responds warmly to her gentle love. 

Gam states things very simply and eloquently,

When I first saw his pictures he was just born, and now he is a little boy standing there. 

We shared a nice dinner al fresca together this evening and chatted about life. The two of us have many similarities, having both developed sole proprietorships and run our businesses ourselves, from all aspects. Me with my naturopathic medicine practice, the SPAhT Homeopathic Medical Spa, and her teaching English at her school she launched, Frontline English Academy. Additionally, we both worked hard at two jobs for many years, her as a hospital pharmacist in Thailand and me at Pharmaca. Then we both saw practicing pharmacy in the US as a strong career move. I went back to pharmacy school, and Gam is here to engage with the profession and pursue her life’s dreams. 

Welcome Back to Seattle, Gam! We are so glad you’re here with us. Lake had a truly perfect day. 

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