Sweater Weather 

What an autumn day to be playing in the neighborhood park post farmers’ market! When the day brings by turns warm sunshine and sudden downpours, what could be better than a sweater? Lake is outfitted here in a summery cotton romper topped with a cozy wool sweater. The soft sage green cardigan with a jaunty string of aubergine flags was hand knit by Nana Joanie.  What a perfect sweater-weather weekend!


His new favorite word is uh-oh but there doesn’t seem much wrong in his world. He remains ebullient and unfazed. His other three words continue to remain:

Ich (I want, me-mine), Hi! which sounds more like the Swedish: Hej and Mamammama (reserved for when he’s hungry and/or tired). He can also answer yes/no questions clearly. 

Lake, are you enjoying life?


When you lend your keen fashion sense to your baby’s style you’re running the risk of twinning. 

Twinning: transitive verb. bringing two related entities together in close association to form a pair. Read: matching or coordinating outfits [with your baby] to visually demonstrate connection and togetherness. 

Maybe it’s intentional, but sometimes it occurs even when it’s unplanned! What determines what you wear on any given day? The season, the weather, the day of the week, what’s clean(?!), the current trends, the occasion? A bit of all of that and then a bit of je n’sais quoi. If you’re the one buying the wardrobe for, and dressing your baby, as well as yourself, there are similar forces driving the manifestation of both your outfits. Be warned of the strong possibility of ending up twinning, or coordinating, on any given day. Beware of spreading cheer and goodwill as folks slowly notice and take delight in the effect. 

Lake and I, we love twinning!

Inspired by the Quintessential Autumn Day, joyfully twinning with Lake at Seattle’s Greenlake Park, this evening’s sunset

Party Animal 

It was a big weekend of partying for Lake. 

Lake is fortunate to be blessed with several good friends turning another year older this week. So after a wonderful time in Portland celebrating Maicy’s sixth birthday, we head back up the Seattle. From one party to the next… Lake catches a train nap to power back up!

Power Nap on the Train!

Then back in Seattle we hit the ground running. Daddy picks us up at King Station and we all go straight to Once Upon a Time party space on Queen Anne. Lake is all ready to launch into the fun of Otis’ second birthday! He has a great time playing with the other babies, eating the delicious party food, and even gets his own personal slice of allergy friendly, health-nut-mummy-friendly, vegan birthday cake. 
Whee! Paragliding for babies!
Lake’s first birthday cake: GF date-sugar vegan pumpkin bar.
Thank you friends for such a special fun-filled weekend! We loved your perfect parties! Lake is ready to accept your next social invitation!

Portland by Rail

We mobilized bright and early this morning, sweeping Lake directly from sleeping in bed to dressed for adventure. Daddy was the lynchpin, chauffeuring us into the car with coffee and smiles. He directly delivered us to King Street Station where we were boarded and rolling southbound in no time on the Amtrack Cascades. Destination: Portland!

King Street Station Seattle, WA

Breakfast To-Go!

Owning his Amtrak adventure!

Expectant Fathers 

Michael had some unsolicited words of wisdom tonight for expectant Fathers. 


They’re a lot more resilient than you might think. Both physically and emotionally. Don’t be afraid to do or say the wrong thing. They really don’t know what you’re saying anyway for the first three months or more and as long as you don’t twist or shake… they’re pretty bendy. 


And Lake looooves his Daddy!

Rocking Chair 

Lake’s new old rocking chair

Lake has become the proud recipient and owner of his very own heirloom rocking chair. His grandmother Julie lovingly restored it this summer and just brought it for Lake. It was hers as a little girl and then Michael and his sister played on it when they were little. It’s the perfect size. Lake loves to climb up on it and sit there in a self-satisfied way before sliding off frontwards. Then he is often climbing right back aboard. The cycle continues…


After a rough night I was greeted with this good morning sunshine!

Good morning Sunshine! Someone is filled with joy and ready to go! An in-your-face reminder that attitude prevails. Lake says: 

Alriiiight! Let’s make it a perfect day!

Thank you for sharing Lake! I’m glad I get to spend it with you in my life!

Grandparents Day 

Lake so recently was taking in the full enjoyment of grandparents during the last nine days with Nana and Grandpa at Newman Lake. Now, two more grandparents are coming up to visit within the day. Lake relishes the devoted attention. 

Nana doing her time

Lake is learning to become quite a good friend. Thank you grandparents! Thank you for sharing your time and your lives accumulated wisdom with Lake. He can’t get enough.  Know that Lake loves you!

These two especially adore Lake and the feeling is mutual

A Perfect Holiday

Our week of holiday has been rather perfect though smokey. We packed up the whole family and driven over to eastern Washington to our family lake cabin perched on the side of the peninsur hillside. Lake is the fifth generation to putter on the sandy beach and climb up and down the whimsically crooked stone steps, exploring freely. 

We kicked off the week with a family reunion and then settled in to enjoy a little peace and quiet where the grandparents could continue to enjoy time with their grandson. 

Strange week with all the smoke,

comments Michael. The smoke may have kept the lake eerily quiet and relatively devoid of the usual vacationers, but it hasn’t dampened our spirits or slowed us down much in our pursuits of recreational activity. We’ve played a full hand of good clean fun. 

From yoga to outdoor cinema, we lived up every moment and everything in between: running, tennis, swimming, sailing, canoeing, stand-up paddle boarding, and dates with my hubs. We repeatedly filled our days with hiking in the adjacent conservation area, and visiting with friends, family, and neighbors. In spite of the thick wildfire smoke we reveled happily out-of-doors scampering all about the lakefront. 

When the smoke ultimately cleared Friday night, we woke to a perfect day Saturday morning where our activities culminated to perfection. From sailing to tennis to canoeing we did it all and everything in between. It wasn’t planned, we just managed it beautifully. 

Michael and I had a romantic sunset canoe paddle. Lake even got two naps, plus I did the laundry, washed Lunch dishes and checked the oil. How was this possible? I don’t know. 

During the holidays Lake grew exponentially under the tulage of many caring hands. He especially gained strong footing and revealed an aptitude for climbing 

Thank you family for a perfect holiday!