Mt. Pilchuck

John Riley and Lake summit Mt. Pilchuck

We did it! Mt. Pilchuck is a popular destination among the faculty and students of the University of Washington School of Pharmacy. I’m not sure why it is the pharmacy darling of dayhikes, but it does have a noteworthy fire lookout turned hikers shelter capping the summit. So, after hearing about this hike for many years, yesterday our friend John Riley finally made it happen. Michael was working this weekend, however he, of course had already hiked it in pharmacy school. So, Lake and I were the lucky beneficiaries to join John Riley! It was a great hike. A perfect day for it, the air had cooled and cleared of smoke and haze there were even some sprinkles of rain. 

Happy to be in the mountain forest!
Rest stop makes for fun exploring

Lake had a blast playing on the rest breaks. The summit is no place for a baby-turned-toddler to play. The breathtaking exposure! I had a good scare, first hearing about the various hikers falling to their deaths up here and then we arrived and whew! When Lake threw his apple over the edge, my reflexes jumped and I started sobbing. It was like Lake went over the edge in that split second and smashed on the rocks below. John actually had him safely in the backpack the whole time and everything was safe and sound. Thank you John Riley for carrying Lake the whole way up and down again too! Thank you for the perfect day!

Bergluft macht schlank!

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