It’s Lake’s third haircut already. In some ways it’s getting easier and in some ways more challenging. I, as the hairdresser, I’m getting more skilled; he as the boy, he’s getting more active. Last night after every disciplined parent has their chidldren washed brushed and in bed, Lake is sitting on the bathroom counter playing with all my makeup and brushes. Maybe I was brushing my teeth, but I get the idea to seize the opportunity to cut his hair. It, like Lake, is growing so fast. So, I commit myself with the first snip to giving Lake a haircut.  He is perfectly absorbed in playing with my cosmetics. One by one he drops them in the sink. 

Then he gets the lid off the jar of coconut oil and starts dipping the brushes in there. Combined with the fine hairs of his haircut, the mess and feelings of chaos are quickly mounting. 

I want to finish what I’ve started though.  As long as he is distracted his head remains still and therefore beautifully and unwittingly posed for this haircut. Somehow we make it to a place where the ends and sides even enough by the 80/20 rule. Voila!

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