Page Turner

Lake reading fireside

Lake is really getting into reading these days. He loves to turn the pages of his books. Especially his lovely board books from our baby shower. Sometimes he will bring me a book to read out loud together, but most often he is content to sit by himself with a book and quietly absorb its wonders. He will studiously turn the cardboard pages… one after the other, methodically.He’s steadily improving his speed, accuracy and consistency. He’s a real page turner. 

Meanwhile I’ve been reading a armchair travel gem. It’s engrossing and transportive: living off the land in rural France. Just the kind of page turner this Mummy needs. La Belle Saison, by Patricia Atkinson. La Belle Saison, which is now, harvest time. But really la belle saison is whichever season you’re in. It’s living in the rhythm of nature, eating in-season, and off-the-land, and appreciating the present moment. It’s so good sometimes I would read passages aloud to Lake. Even so, I think he prefers turning his own pages for now.