Big Boy Bed

Lake graduated to a big boy bed last month thanks in large part to Michael’s ingenuity. Toddler bed hack = Dad Win! Prior attempts to have Lake sleeping in the big bed ended in Lake worming his way along the carpet, whimpering in his semi-sleep and looking for a cozy corner. So, to remedy that without spending a cent, Michael built a soft boundary around the side and foot of the twin sized mattress. He accomplished this by rolling wool blankets and lining them under the edge of fitted sheet. Lake is getting so big and heavy that transitioning him up and over the sides of the Pack-n-Play crib was becoming wearisome. Also after the sometimes tedious process of getting him to sleep, he would predictably wake up during this transfer, no matter how sound asleep you were sure he was. In the Big Boy Bed we can fall asleep together and then Mummy is able to stealthily slip away unnoticed. Bonus, cats can easily join in on napping opportunities!

Congratulations, Lake! Well done pragmatic and clever, Michael! I’m proud of my boys!

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