Daddy and the Baby

Michael and Lake had a father son day today. Mummy was at work and Luisa had the day off. They walked all around the span of four neighborhoods, ranging from the University Village to Fremont. They have such a strong and dynamic relationship. It’s a different flavor compared with the relationship Lake has with me. Lake is much more likely to respond with laughter and impish glee when he’s challenged by Michael, compared to the new whinging and tantrum defaults of late with me. It’s a pleasure to witness their freedom. They had a perfect day together and, for this: I’m glad I spent it with(out) you.

Thai Massage

Why get a Thai Massage with Wayne Trinklein?

  1. Unlike any other massage you’ve had before: something new!
  2. Trustworthy practitioner allows you to let go: so relaxing!
  3. Completely clothed: wear your socks!
  4. Passive joint mobilization combined with manual pressure: full body tune-up!
  5. Wayne has a really warm touch: hydrocolator hands!
  6. It all takes place on a bright orange futon
  7. Total body workout: so sore the next day!
  8. Insurance covers this: $11 copayment!
  9. By some miracle he’s not completely booked: accepting new patients!
  10. Self care is the foundational building block to happiness: so content after Thai massage!

Thank you Wayne Trinklein!

Sleeping Lady to non-Sleeping Lady

After the yoga retreat at Sleeping Lady, which lived up to its name, I came home Sunday to a very sick baby. It was a bumpy landing. I had had a restful and rejuvenating weekend of yoga, once I got through the initial fear of our separation. I was free and living joyfully. Lake had had a lovely weekend with my parents too, sleeping through the nights and generally enjoying himself to the maximum. By Sunday evening though, he was hot with fever and didn’t want to sleep. He could only find some semblance of solace though breastfeeding. All. Night. Long. It was Sleepless Lady for me. Fortunately I’d been concentrated on self-care all weekend at the Sleeping Lady Resort and my vessel was filled up. I was able to draw on my reserves right away! It was an immediate and very real situation inviting me to put my yoga into practice. We survived the night of constant hydration and never topped 100.1F. Monday has given us a rather discomfited baby, but an opportunity for recuperating and practicing patient compassion nonetheless. A perfectly imperfect day; I’m glad I spent it with you.

Icicle Ridge

What do you do when you’re in Icicle Canyon and have a break from yoga retreat? When your afternoon is sandwiched in between two two-hour yoga asana practices? Quite naturally you climb Icicle Ridge and strike a pose on the saddle. The 2 1/2 hour hike offered up a vinyasa practice for my lungs. Constant and rhythmic flow of air. Breathing in. Up. Such freshness! Pine scent. New snow. Bright sunshine. I am here. Breathing out. Letting go. Exhale. Quick. Assisted. Powerful. I am free. Begin again. Inhale this moment. Filling the lungs. Renewal. Slip slide, glisade, galloping joyfully down the ridge noting the early blooming sedges and wildflowers to return home. Immerse into the salt water hot tub to soak and complete the rejuvenation! A perfect day, I’m glad I spent it with you, Self.

Two Ounces

I pumped two ounces tonight with my new Medela Hand Pump, and sweated more than that in anxiety. It’s the first time I’ve found myself in a necessary pumping experience. At 22 months post-partum, I’m filled with awe and gratitude that every day up until now Lake and I have been together. It’s special both ways: that we’ve been so uniquely bonded for the past 22 months as to be actually feeding, every day, multiple times a day, at the breast, and that we are able to have our own adventures this weekend apart from each other and not require us to cease breastfeeding. It’s certainly a memorable milestone: our first weekend apart.

I’m at the Sleeping Lady Resort attending a Synergy Yoga Retreat and Lake is at Nana-Camp with Nana and Baba for the weekend. Friday has been a perfect day, and a courageous day for all involved. Good night, pray sleep soundly, and sweet dreams my loves. I’ve got my two ounces “on the rocks” at my bedside table.

T-t-t-t-t tee-hee he

This was a big winter for snow in Seattle, what with our Christmas Eve snow and then again all of our February flurries. So Lake has had premium opportunities to practice and repeat his beautiful German pronunciation: Schnee. Lately though, he’s been scrunching up his nose a bit at the beginning and dropped the Sch, so it’s just ‘Nee ‘Nee! Every morning of late thats been cold and wintery-white with frost, he’s been proclaiming ‘nee! ‘Nee! ‘Nee! First it was cute, but then a few days ago, I started attempting to retrain him. Emphasizing the Sch sound. To no avail.

Schnee! Schnee! Schnee! Eigentlich heißt es nicht ‘nee, sondern heißt es “Schnee!”

And so forth. He didn’t budge. So tonight at bath time when he started calling the towel an “owl”, I had to laugh. He had these other practical words such as towel quite nicely handled. Before. So I emphasized T-T-T-T. Towel. He kept saying “owl”. But then he got a twinkle in his eye, “t-t-t-t”, he said delicately, grinning widely . He loved it! He howeled with laughter, and repeated, t-t-t-t-t!

Still no Schnee, and still no towel, but oh we had fun!

Spring Forward

We set our clocks forward this morning and it was as if we were sprung into perpetual motion. We were solar powered! We went to the zoo, then came home to the tiniest of naps. While we were finishing up the yard work, Lake decided we should bicycle to and around Greenlake. He suggestively brought out his helmet and the bicycle trailer.

After our lap around the Lake, which was essentially a dog parade, Puppy! Puppy! Puppy! we spent a good long while at the Greenlake shore, playing in the sand and being friendly with the other families that came to sun themselves too we outlasted them all, then rode back home to rest.

Toy Flotsam

Chickadee Music Together has been a great experience for Lake. He’s been in attendance since he was 7 1/2 months old, and he’s usually the king of the room, the most into it, dancing around in the center of the circle having the best time! One unintended consequence and unexpected benefit is that he’s great at picking up his toys. During the 45 minute class that is comprised of may songs the teacher distributes different instruments or scarves for each song, then after that all the students have to put them back in the basket. After each song, so the children get a lot of practice putting their playthings away, back in the basket. So now it’s a glorious practice… The toy flotsam that hijacks your Beautiful House and leaves you with a Fun House: he picks it up! And tosses it in the gorgeous woven baskets we have strategically located around the house.

So proud!

Happy Mama, Happy Baby

Two years ago, here I was at Gasworks Park, early in the fulminant third trimester. So happy! I’m still so happy. Happy Mama! And now Lake too can join in the joy. He’s often saying over and over to himself while playing: “Happy Baby.” When we ask him if he’s happy, he’ll respond with gusto “Happy Baby!”

Yoga for Beginners

I started an eight month yoga teacher training in November and it’s already halfway through. It was one of those things on my Bucket List, but not for long. As soon as I wrote “become a yoga teacher,” I was immediately motivated to manifest the realization. After soliciting recommendations from the Sutra Yoga community I researched and reached out to a few talented teachers. After interviewing and investigation, I knew right away that Tami Hafzalla and Jodi Boone (Synergy Yoga School) was the right fit for me. It has been truly amazing and incredibly enriching to have the opportunity to study, train and practice with the current group of twenty mature, wise and accomplished women. It’s a treat to enjoy biweekly/monthly weekend intensives all together. In between meetings I spend my evenings and any available time reading the Yoga Sutras, The Bagavad Gita and contemporary yoga literature as well as writing reflection papers.

Part of the training program is to observe and assist our yoga teachers conducting classes. After twenty years of practicing yoga, either on my own or in a class setting, it’s such a different experience to be walking around amongst the group, assisting the teacher to instruct the students. The difference between seeing patients and being the patient. Just because you’re both in the same room sharing the same conversation does not mean the experience is similar, or that one prepares you for the other. Perspective and role informs the situation and as a yoga teacher assistant I begin to think about the construction of the class and offering guidance in yoga philosophy and technique.

My biggest role as a yoga teacher assistant so far is to offer hands-on adjustments to the students. To gently and wisely influence and augment the students’ practices in a non-verbal way. Also, this weekend Steve/Sheev Davis (Samadhi Yoga Center), guest instructor, gave us a tutorial on teaching for beginners. These skills are all gradually building my own inner yoga teacher and my beautiful family receives the first pass.

They been phenomenal throughout. I couldn’t pursue this path without their support. Husband and mother-in-law taking turns spending days, afternoons and evenings with Lake while I’m away. Everyone benefits from the arrangement really, and I’m filled with extreme gratitude.