Chopstick Samurai

Friday night was parent date night out in the neighborhood with our plus one, our tag along. It was super cold so we chose to not walk too far down the Ave and to stay close to home for our dining choice. Xi’an Noodles is one of our favorites not only due to the generous spirit of chef/owner Lily Wu but also due to the supreme deliciousness of her fare.

When the food arrived we had the task of explaining to Lake why he had only plain tofu and an apple while we feasted on spicy hand ripped noodles and spicy garlicky broccoli. Michael made up a funny fable for Lake. Lake seemed to accept being resigned to his fate of no garlic or chilies until he is out of diapers.

Thus, he quickly moved on to the entertainment portion of the dinner. Whereby he repeatedly “stabbed” Michael with a chopstick between his torso and his upper arm like a samurai or fencer. It was found by all, but Lake especially, to be an immense delight!

Lily was sad to miss us and posted on Chinese FB about her great affection for Lake.

Lake 上次捧着🤲我的脸给了我深情一吻,我就爱❤️上他了,今天LaKe爸爸妈妈带他过来我没赶上,我想说,小男人,我想你了!

Luckily Michael suffered not a scratch and took part in the merriment willingly. We surrender to the adventure and surface the richer for it. A perfect date, I’m glad I spent it with you!

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