Have you met James Bond, local Newfoundland celebrity?

In between monsoons today we went out for the annual walk at Greenlake with the local Newfoundland Club. It turned out I met and feel in love all over again with the 220 pound black male we’d met at Greenlake last summer. No, I’m not talking about my husband. This was the dog who introduced us to Newfoundlands and gave us the fever to adopt one for our own family. Today Michael was at work, so it was just Lake and myself out at the Newfoundland Club gathering. I was quickly drawn to one of the largest dogs there; he’s a sweetheart, loves to be pet and is very self contained. It wasn’t until Lake and I were home having our naps that I realized that “James” with the husband of last summer and “Bond” with the wife of today were the same dog! He’s a magnificent creature, so gentle with beautiful eyes. And huge! Fully a extra normal dog measurement larger than all the rest of the thirty Newfoundland’s present. As much as Lake loves “Puppies!” and watching Newfoundlands on YouTube with Daddy, real life was altogether something else. Lake really didn’t know what to think. He kept his distance, a bit wary of James Bond and all the others. Who can blame him really? That’s a lot of tons of dog!

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