Classic Silhouette Portraiture

Lake and I went on a bicycle adventure this morning to the Wallingford Center. We had an artist date! Ellie, the owner of Bootyland Kids, was hosting Kerry Cook on location. Kerry Cook is a local artist with 40 years experience in hand cut paper likenesses. Her parents had a booth at art fairs and festivals that she tagged along with. One day after expressing interest in this style of art, her dad set her up with a side booth: free portraits. As the day progressed, so did her line. To modulate supply with demand, her father kept increasing the cost on the makeshift signage, from free to 10c to 25c and so forth. By the end of the day she had made $9 and she thought she had hit the jackpot. Talk about someone alive with their dharma! She was ten years old. The price has gone up somewhat but at $25 it is still an amazing value. She cuts the silhouette freehand with her scissors live while you’re present. She is so efficient that even your two year old can sit for his portrait. The results are guaranteed to deliver. She literally asks you if you’re satisfied with the likeness. I was. If you’re interested, no need for sorrow that you missed this event today. She’ll be back at Bootyland Kids this November, just in time for the holidays!

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