Welcome Miss Kitty

With the addition of this beautiful and sweet Tortoiseshell Persian two weeks ago, we are now a three cat household (four of you count Faux Cat). We have a nice full compliment of cats: Small, medium, large and plush. She came to us from a good home that had to reluctantly re-home her due to worsening family allergies. She’s a real treasure and we’re so blessed for the opportunity to host her. Miss Kitty is so tiny! Weighing in at 7 1/2 pounds on a full stomach, she’s merely a third the size of Mr. Cat. Though christened Troika nine years ago, she presents as Miss Kitty to us and sometimes I call her Little Miss Kitty, or Missy. She has the best purr. She’s camped out in our bed room and most often can be found curled up purring on our bed.

She’s having to hold her own and integrate herself cautiously into this house containing two larger males. Mr. Silky is the disgruntled middle child, sidled with the plight of being medium and average. He has an insecure nature and therefore sets out to antagonize or at least engage Miss Kitty at every opportunity.

Mr. Cat is definitely Large! The gentle giant. He’s the Buddha, the wise sage, nonplussed by the household goings-ons he exists a bit beyond the trap of suffering and petty disturbances in the realm of Peaceful Bliss. He’s welcomed Miss Kitty openly but when he tries to be friendly she’s scared and quite defensive: hissing. Mr. Cat is indeed formidable in size but such a pacifist he simply does an about face and leaves her be.

These are Lake’s best friends. His favorite word is Meow and he has an adorable song he invented that he’s often singing called Mitt’ Mau Mau. It’s quite rhythmic and he sings it with great enthusiasm at any opportunity. In return they’re very patient with him, and under Michael’s guidance he’s learning to be gentle and giving towards them. He’s developing compassion, stewardship, love, trust, and friendship.

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