Ready, Set, Go (Slowly)

Summer is here! After planning to head out eminently for a bicycle ride to Greenlake pretty much all day, Lake and I finally rolled out this evening around 5:30 pm. Partially around the north side of the lake we encountered the wading pool filled with water, kids and summertime. We had to reconsider our plan to stop and take in the scene. Lake, in spite of his name, is not like a duck to water. Instead he’s quite suspicious of the water that goes sploosh.

Lake gave the wading pool a long slow gander before he began to mosey his way over to the edge. He found a series of buckets and toys to co-opt as his own. He threw the red bucket into the water then followed in after. And then he really didn’t want to leave. They drain the pool between 6-7pm and we stayed for the whole event. Some nice picnickers with a 3 year old loaned us a towel. He was quite wet and the weather was turning cold as we dried off and bicycled for home.

Saddington Bear

I’ve had this idea for a while now to take Lake’s photo with Paddington Bear, the two of them dressed up for adventure together. Well it was just one of those days. Paddington Bear, Maddington Bear, Saddington Bear. We did cover a lot of territory today, just not in the way I had originally imagined. A perfect day, I’m glad I spent it with you…

Ravenna Swing Crew

The most fun you’ll have all Saturday, she challenged. It took me about 6 minutes to climb up and back to set up the rope for today’s swing, Ryan confided. Would you like to take a swing, James invited.

Yes, yes, and yes, said I! Swinging the evening away under the 20th Avenue pedestrian bridge with the Ravenna Swing Crew was a fantastic experience. All about me was the bright green foliage, and the fresh sweet forest air. Everyone was smiling. Michael joined us after work. Lake enjoyed the giant soap bubbles the friendly crew created. I swung again and again out into the vegetated ravine. It was indeed the most fun I had all Saturday! And it was altogether perfect day, spending it with Lake.

Retreat Gratitude

Every once in a while it’s good to get away. Especially as a mum, time away to retreat, recharge and recenter is invaluable. Lake is the cat’s meow to be sure, however even so it’s all-consuming being a parent, and a mum especially. It’s easy to lose my center in the midst of the family dynamics and toddler antics. The Synergy Yoga Ayurveda Teacher Training program of 2017-18 provided regular opportunities to retreat from the mummy role and emerge even stronger than before. The program culminated in our final retreat last week on Whidbey Island at its bespoke Institute. To be riding the ferry across the water into the portal of sacred Tolle space, this was a deep gift. I am filled with gratitude for all those who made these immersive experiences possible: my husband and son, parents, mother-in-law, and our consecutive German au pairs by letting me go, as well as the teachers and my courageous cohort of students for taking me in. Now, in the weekend post-retreat, it’s a time of integration for the work of true transformation.