Nolte State Park

The Newfoundland Club of Seattle Fun Day brought us to Nolte State Park on Sunday. Yes, we are members. No, we don’t have a Newfoundland (yet). It turns out Nolte State Park is a hidden gem in Enumclaw with a beautiful deep little lake called “Deep Lake.” We walked the 1.4 mile loop around the lake with Karen and her Newfie named Kayia. This was after chatting with the friends and meeting so many new Newfies. There was our old friend James Bond, Kayia, Mia and more. Lake started to get more comfortable with them, especially if they lay down and their mouths were held closed and turned away from him. “Sit” said he. A born dog handler. After our Club visit and our walk we finished out our Nolte State Park experience with some wonderful juicy peaches that we’d picked up by the boxful at Foster’s Farm Stand. And Lake’s natural habitat: the playground for jumping. A perfect day! I’m glad I spent it with you and at least fourteen (the highest Lake can currently count) ~130-220 pound Newfoundland dogs! Heaven on a gorgeous autumn day!

Bobby Water

Lake grew up so much while he was away with his NanaBaba at Newman Lake. He got to enjoy quintessential Lake activities as Nana quoted him, “running in da wander”. When he came home he’s suddenly talking up a storm. He says the cutest things (of course). He started calling us “Honey” and “Sweetheart” and daddy “Michael,” and me “Tolle,” as in “Tolle Mama Honey.” This morning eyeing the honey container on the counter, he mixed up his endearments and asked for some “‘Sweetheart’… Lake want that.” Tonight he asked for “bobby water,” the Soda Stream water. And he’s very specific with his requests. “Want bobby water in da baby cup”. And polite: “please” and then “mehr bitte”

Such amusements! A perfect day. I’m glad you’re able to share your thoughts and viewpoints with us, Lake!