Bear Naked

Lake loves his stuffed animal friends! He sleeps with them at night and plays with them during the day. He’ll often be found carrying one or two with him in the morning and evening. He doesn’t really play favorites. He’s equally supportive of all shapes and sizes. In response to “how did you sleep?” He’ll now sweetly say “good”. Same goes for the bears last night. “How did the bears sleep?” “Good.” Today when asked about the special parts of his day he replied “swimming with the bears. And swimming with the tigers. Tom Sees.” What else was special? “Swimming with the giraffes. Baby giraffe. Mama giraffe. Baby’s giraffe. Daddy Giraffe. Tom sees!” And what else was special today? “Swimming with the monkeys!” Yes, Tom sees that too! On further inquiry this all occurred in his bedroom. So imaginative!

Lately we’ve been spending a lot of time naked or at least “no pants” for the case of toilet training. We’ve been having various degrees of success. At first he seemed to like going in the toilet. We would sing The Wheels on the Bus, and make up different verses. Now he has developed various forms of resistance and evasion, from passive (would rather wait until he can go in his diaper), to fully on crying “no!” and making his body too stiff to sit, to bargaining “Mommy first.” Though he rarely holds up his end of the bargain. So sneaky!? Michael is having the best success with him lately. He has a more pragmatic straightforward approach that rings authentic with Lake. And so the training continues!

Wish us luck!