Darn it

My grandmother Ruth Mary taught me many things. Darning was one of those tangible and special gifts that happens to be unique and practical too.

There was an evolution to our apprenticeship. First she would be seen in the background darning. Then I would ask her to darn my things. Then she taught me. Then she would ask me to thread the needle. Then I’m alone darning. Then Lake is there… and then once again I’m darning and Lake is hanging around watching. Along with her style and love of a good bargain hunt, I have inherited my grandmother’s sewing basket, needles, and thimbles. Also I’ve inherited many of her cashmere sweaters and fur jackets that actually require the loving upkeep of darning and sewing maintenance. As I explained to Lake this morning: you really need to love an item to mend it. Especially in our high turnover planned obsolescence consumer culture. Then through the handcrafted repair process it becomes even more special and unique. Therein melds communion with my grandmother over experiencing this shared moment across time.

A perfect day… I’m glad I spent it with you… darning!

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