By Special Request

Bedtimes with Lake have generally always been special bonding time together between us. First with cuddling and breastfeeding, and then beginning last month (September 6th officially marked end of breastfeeding era) exclusively with cuddling and lullabies. He would invariably request Baby Boats. I grew up on Baby Boats and it turned out Baby Boats is most certainly his jam, too. Sometimes he would sprinkle in requests for: “Twinkle Twinkle Little Dar,” but it was often a red herring for his true special request of the one and only Baby Boats.

This weekend we’ve had a complete upset. His new favorite is the ABC song! Newly minted “Lake Bake” is coming in a close second. Lake Bake is a song I made up Friday night. It is set to the tune of Frère Jacques and goes like this:

I love my Lake Bake

I love my Lake Bake

Yes, I do.

Yes, I do.

I love Lake Bake so very much.

I love Lake Bake so very much

Ding Ding Dong

Ding Ding Dong

He loves it. Tonight as he went to sleep I heard strains of him singing “…Din Din Dong.” I had just completed singing five ABCs, and about 12 rounds of Lake Bake, tucked him in and then left the room (…with “Big Door Open,” meaning the door is open wide, versus “Door Closed” or “Little Door Open”, ie open just a crack).

Also between Friday evening and Sunday evening his grasp of the alphabet expanded notably. Saturday was ABCC CCC. Today was nearly doubling his vocabulary at ABCDE8. He’s running strong!

Lake is pictured here running Saturday evening at Discovery Park (Christened “Big Daddy Tom Park”).

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