Pearly Whites

Lake had an appointment with Tracy Wayman, DDS. Dr. Wayman is a lovely family dentist situated at 4814 Interlake Ave N who rides his bicycle to work , practices national and international philanthropic dentistry, and has the gentlest touch and the brightest demeanor. His philosophy is naturopathic with regard to preventive care, education and a collaborative approach. The idea is for Lake, (and others) to have a lifelong positive experience with dentistry. He did great and got the standard homework: Floss between those back teeth!

Lake has come a long way! Now, I reminisce about our last First Dentist Visit… at two months old! He accompanied me to my visit at that time mainly because we were inseparable but also because the dentist office has always encouraged early exposure to the dentist office and chair to normalize and create a positive memory.

When we asked Lake how his experience with the dentist was he answered his standard reply: “purty go-ood.” A perfect day, then! I’m glad I spent it with you, Dr. Tracy Wayman and team!

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