Loves singing!

Lake has songs for every occasion. The entertaining the kid-friendly late 20’s crowd at the table next to ours at Tsukushinbo Song (Wheels on the Bus), The getting ready for bed song, (Row Row Row your Boat), and the everything in between song, (ABCCCC Song). Last night his ABC song surprised me with how flushed in it had become seemingly overnight… ABCDEFGGGG,LMNOP,QRS,wxyz!

Lake even has his own composition of humming “Doot doot” song, a good catch all for all other song-worthy occasions: bus or car riding, dinner-prepping-kitchen-dancing, or waking up to greet the day. When was the last time you or I woke up singing? So it’s a perfect day, and it’s just starting! I’m glad I get to spend it with you… in full song!

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