Year Round Market

Bleak week? The University District Farmers Market is Saturday mornings 9am to 2pm on “the Ave” (University Way) just north of 50th. It is incredibly open year round and focused solely on what’s being grown by area farmers. This market creates a much appreciated dash of wholesomeness and community smack dab in our city. It’s the hub of our weekly routine and a bright spot for launching the weekend. The normally grimy street becomes sacred and purified and we eat our fallen goods right off the ground. It’s “hello” to everyone and different musicians up and down the block. We often meet a neighbor or two and might even brunch at Tandoozy the Tandoori oven Indian food stand. Now the weather has begun to turn and in light of current events, some spirits are tempted to go with it. And then, behold, even on the darkest rainiest coldest day, your favorite farmers are there with fresh bread, flowers, radishes, salamis, apples, and smiles. Lake knows how to make it a perfect day! After he charmed the pants off everyone there, he chose himself some flowers to buy, and carried them home by Lake self.

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