Feeding the Penguins

One advantage of the end of Daylight Savings is we got up early enough to make it to the Woodland Park Zoo before the winter hours (9:30 am to 4 pm) early closing time. The last few weekends we’ve tried to no avail and last Sunday we ended up going to The Locks since they have a generous closing time of 9pm. This time Michael gave us a turbo boost by dropping us off at the zoo before 10 am on his way to work.

This zoo excursion brought so many animals: Lake got to feed the penguins (Twing Twings)! We rode the carousel (horsies) three times. The operator really got to know us and I think by the third visit she even forgave us for running inside through the open exit gate (twice) while she was clearing the last group before opening it up for the line of new riders. Lake likes the Colobus Monkeys, the Gorillas (go-Lillas) especially the toddler Yola (Lola) , the Andean Cock-a-Rock (Baby octopus), tiger, snow leopard, jaguar, bears [brown and sloth], mountain goats, eagles, otters [small clawed and river], [red ruffed] Lemurs. We also saw a few animals that Lake enjoyed even without naming them: wallaroos, ostriches, elk and wolves. Somehow is didn’t rain on us even though the clouds were threatening all day.

We mean to drop off our old mobile phone next visit.

It’s always a new day at the zoo! A perfect day, I’m glad I spent it with you!