We’re going in the forest

We enjoyed one relatively non-raining day during our Alaska stay to go into the forest. We all went on a family walk around Lake Ward. Lake loved it… “we’re going into the forest,” he rejoiced. It’s very Alaska! Moss draped over every surface, coating everything, somehow even thicker than my reference temperate rainforest, the Quinault. He’s having a grand time overall playing with his cousins. We all are.

Once we were back cozy at play in the house, Oliver asked Can Lake stay for two years!? Then he reflected: if Lake stayed for two years, then I’d be 9 years old.

I’d be four, Lake rejoins.

This all happened and was corroborated by four actual eye witnesses.

We’re in the nice wintertime, Lake said looking out the window of the cozy house perched on the rock above the harbor that constitutes Ketchikan. Meanwhile, it’s so cold and wintery I’m needing to cut my Rice Dream with a knife and eat it with a fork and it’s a raging storm outside with small craft advisory warnings and wind gusting up to 60 miles per hour. What kind of storm would you call this? I asked my brother-in-law. “I’d call it an everyday occurrence type of day until May” he quips back.

A perfect day, a perfect stay. Thank you Bradley’s and Jamma Julie for a memorable thanksgiving holiday weekend! We love you all!