What kind of Vegan are you?

Having a rare night out to ourselves in Seattle, (thank you Jamma Julie!) we, Lakes parents, went to check out a vegan bar on Capitol Hill that we hadn’t been to before. It was not exactly what I was expecting. I hadn’t questioned my assumption of what a vegan bar would be like, but I was thinking something in the Chaco Canyon, No Bones Beach Club, kind of vein. It occurred to me amidst the darkened metal-blaring Highline Bar that there are different reasons for vegan. I take it for granted that Seattle flavor of vegan is local-organic-PCC shopping-bicoastal elite-yoga vegan. There’s actually a whole world of vegans. Highline (vegan) Bar leans heavily towards… metal. We had a great time dancing for a few songs where the lyrics consisted mostly of actual roaring, and maximally enjoyed our kind-to-the-planet pub dinner which was none too kind to the eardrums.

So, now I can appreciate the entire scope of vegans. What kind of vegan are you?*

1. Planet loving (less water and energy required)

2. Health minded (you live longer the fewer animal products you consume)

3. Food allergy restricted (allergies to dairy, eggs, meat)

4. Anarchy to corporate hegemony that is modern American food industry. (This type includes hard rock metal bands.)

After our vegan immersion experience we went to the Egyptian to watch Jorgos Lanthimos’ The Favorite (2018). It may be a royal drama, however having also directed Dog Tooth (2009) and The Lobster (2015), it has the Greek director’s certain trademark dark twist to the humor. Fantastic! Highly recommend.

*when I showed the blog title to Michael he said “what kind of vegan are you?” with the exact inflection I was imagining from Moonrise Kingdom’s memorable line, “what kind of bird are you?” I said and that’s why we’re married together!