‘Tis the Season for Tousins

In addition to the Ketchikan tousins Benjamin and “Oviler”, whom he adored playing with at Thanksgiving, Lake loves his tousin Hazel and tousin Maicy from Portland!

When my best friend “Auntie Jessica” and her girls were up visiting a few weeks ago, we all had the best time (as always!) And at the end of the month he’ll get to play with his Spokane tousins! Tis the season for Tousins!

Newfoundland Dog

In the course of going to bed last night we were talking about the day, as we often do. I said,

Langley is a nice dog.

And he replied,

No, Langley is not a nice dog, he is a Newfoundland dog.

Oh my, I cracked up and could not stop laughing! Of course Lake joined sofort in the hilarity.

A perfect day, I’m glad I spent my evening with you and Langley, Lake!

Lake VanLaanen, Again!

In a big booming low sports announcer voice Lake and Baba said,

La-ke Van Laan-en

And then

La-ke Van Laan-en, a-gain!

over and over as he jumped off the bench near Bowerman Field.

Lake VanLaanen! Lake said as he jumped off the bench.

And then

This all occurred one month ago, but we were joking around last night and he remembered. He’s a funny person.

A perfect day, I’m glad we we were able to spend it together with NanaBaba and then reminisce on a dark mid-winter night in Seattle!