Bear Hug

If it weren’t for the happy tail, one might easily mistake this majestic giant for a bear in the woods on this frosty morning! Well, please, give me a bear hug. Oh, give me a bear hug! Reminds me of the song my friend Forest once wrote: Faces so soft. Love so strong. Give me a bear hug, oh give me a bear hug!

A perfect day, I’m glad I spent it with you Langley! It’s so good to have you back with us! Thank you, Mark and Karen Rupert!

On the first day of…

My True Love said to me, “I’m sick! Probably not the flu, but I have a fever and chills and headache and sore throat and I’m ti-ired!” and then he proceeded to participate fully in a weekend jam-packed with visitors, visiting and merriment. We exclaimed, you were “six for six while sick!” We didn’t want to miss a minute.

Mama’s best friend “Auntie Jessica” came up from Portland to visit with her girls (rhymes with squirrels if you’re Lake, aka “his ‘tousins'”) and we had a general blast. To enumerate: Saturday we went to the University District Farmers’ Market, sunset beach walk at Discovery Park West Pt. Lighthouse, (We also snuck in phõ and santa photos in Ballard!) and capped the day off with carosel ride

and Komodo Dragon Lizard activity while wandering the Woodland Park Zoo WildLights.

Sunday we went to Pike Place Market by Link light rail (where per Lake we ride the alligator ie elevator) for family pictures. We drove out to Issaquah-Hobart to the Enchanted Winds Christmas Tree Farm for the Newfoundland Club of Seattle sponsored annual carting event.

Finally, we picked up Newfoundland Langley from the Rupert’s home. Yes, the four of us all fit in The Egg (our ’98 Honda Civic, aka compact family car). After his initial apprehensive shyness, Lake warmed back up to his old friend Langley. Lake said, “So Bi-ig!” “I touched him! He’s fluffy!” and “Langley Loves Me.”

They were to become Best Friends

When we arrived home, Langley and I walked through Ravenna Park while Michael and Lake made dinner for “Dinnertime”. We were all thankful for the good times with our friends and our relative health. We were by then thoroughly worn out and all went to bed early.

A perfect weekend, I’m glad I spent it with you, My True Love!