Ice Fest 2019

It’s Ice Fest this weekend in Leavenworth! Melting professional ice sculptures, amateur snow sculptures (also melting), tons of people in town and fireworks! We came over to visit some old friends and catch some snow. Lake has some new snow gear from Nana, and we figured we better go hunt some snow down! We found “snow on Leavenworth!” and made ourselves at home with the Ferrier’s. The were such kind hosts and Lake took to them like a duck to water. They also fell in love with Lake. We had a great time playing inside with their grown up kids’ books, Duplos, and blocks, and then outside there was snow! We walked through the slushy grainy snow (but snow nonetheless!)… in the neighborhood, and downtown. We even made a happy lady snowman. Lake named her Schnee. Jacque: What’s her name? Lake: Snow! On German! Jacquie: Schnee? Lake: Ja, Schnee!

We enjoyed the full experience as Lake exclaimed: Snow on Leavenworth!

Thank you Jacquie and Glen! A perfect snowy weekend! We’re glad we spent it with you!

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