Deception Falls Nature Trail

On our drive back from Leavenworth on Highway 2, just west of Steven’s Pass we stopped for a short piggy-back adventure. It’s seemingly such a diminutive trail (0.5 miles), and it’s on such a thoroughfare, combined with the more obvious obstacle that it’s closed for the season, that it’s easy to pass right by, and thus miss Deception Falls Nature Trail. Well, on Monday, opportunity knocked and we answered. In the spirit of the power of the present moment, the wonder of each turn of toddlerhood, and the healing power of nature, we opted to stop and explore. We celebrated Rev. Martin Luther King Jr Day with an hour of quiet contemplation off the beaten track of the automobile highway. It turned out to be a very special experience We had the place to ourselves, and such an impressive bit of the Tye River where Deception Creek plunges into it. Lake and I stood in awe, as the water roared down, helpless against gravity, relentlessly booming onto the granite rock. Lake surely loved it. It’s such a dramatic scene being played out. Yet, so simple. For a child of 2 1/2, a half mile hike is plenty, really, and we technically didn’t have to drive to the trailhead, since the trailhead came to us. What a rest stop! Restful to the point of rejuvenating in a transformative sense. Highly worth the time of day.

A perfect day; a perfect day hike. I’m glad I explored Deception Falls Nature Trail with you, Lake!

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