Snowpocalypse Friday

We’re enjoying our snowpocalypse of 2019, aka Winter Storm Maya! A total of several weeks of snow slated for Seattle with expected accumulations of 4-6 more inches tonight for a total of 8 inches thus far. Wir wirden sehen. The area almost is having a full melt-down. Winter storm warning is in effect through tomorrow at 4 pm. Today at noon at the first falling of the snowflakes there was a mass exodus from Harborview and other places of work thus achieving immediate and sustained gridlock from noon to about 3:30 pm. Lake braved the trip to Harborview with Luisa for Aloha Friday with Clarence. The surely delicious plate lunches were not so fortunate or stalwart in their travels and delivery failed to complete.

Nonetheless we had a great time. Thank you Clarence! We ate berries and watched the snow fall. Lake and Luisa elegantly took the underground Link train back to our neighborhood, avoiding the traffic mess.

We’ve managed one snowball so far and maybe a snowman is on the horizon for the snow-filled weekend! Meanwhile Lake can’t get enough of piloting his “helitopters” airplanes, and trains, usually made out of a nest of pillows and usually bound for Ketchikan with Jamma Julie or “my baby Mr. Cat”. All aboard! This storm train has left the station. Hang on and enjoy the ride! A perfect day, I’m glad I spent it with you!!!

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