I got snooped!

Snooped, is how Lake calls it when Langley comes up to him pushing against him with his wet nose and big tongue and sniffing and licking, or just breathing (but big Langley face breathing). “I got snooped!”

Or, more typically as in I don’t want to get snooped! And now it’s a verb. And these days it can be wet and snowy!

And it can apply to other situations. “I don’t like that big sheep. He’s gonna snoop me!”

And then sometimes we like to play at “snooping” each other and the cats. *Big lick* I snooped you! I snooped you, Mr. Cat!

A perfectly humorous perfectly cozy perfectly human toddler day. I’m glad I spent it with you and Langley and the rest of the family getting snooped!

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