Westport Light SP

Lake liked to go out into the water. There was a nice low tide conducive to running and testing the limits of the waters edge. He had the safety and courage of Nana to spring from for the intertidal games of hide and seek with the waves. It was a perfect day for sunset explorations at the Pacific Ocean’s wide open Westport Light State Park. I’m glad I spent it with you ~Lake, NanaBaba and Mama!

2 thoughts on “Westport Light SP

  1. Nice Sunset photo at Westport, one of our favorite State Parks and Town. Grayland SP (same area) was another favorite ocean area with places to stay. There are also some good Private Parks at the Ocean. We (Family and/or Friends) have camped at. Now more likely we’re at a Westport Motel or a Cabin at one of the Ocean State Parks. Millersylvania SP was the favorite of my Parents. We did a lot of camping there, usually with Friends of my Parents and a bunch of combined family Kids. The pictures show a whole bunch on young to middle age kids from Ayres and Friends families. Millersylvania SP is about 10-15 miles south of Olympia. We also went to Wenberg SP which is closer to Seattle. It’s north of Seattle. But you two Campers (or Motel Folk?) know what I’m talking about. We 4 Brothers with Ayres Parents and Cousins and Relatives plus Friends of my Parents did a whole lot of Camping. They were not afraid or held back by having their young kids camping. My Brothers and Myself are still camping a lot. But it is Motel “Camping” that Annie and I do now. Different, mainly because a campfire isn’t available. Well… I do have a job this morning. Shovel out a little more driveway snow. Sun is out. That has melted a lot of snow the last 3 or so days. Love to you both, Ken and Annie. Letter written by Ken.

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    1. Thank you for the story Ken! We enjoyed “camping” there with you ~October 2017. You guys still have snow… wow! There’s a few patches here and there for us too actually but it sure was fun while it was here in such quantities!


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