Westport Marina

How many sea lions do you see? More than one hundred and one? Not exactly what you expect when you visit Westport Marina, “Washington’s largest fish landing port”, or is it? These lovely and talkative (eg loud) sea lions have taken up residence on Dock 7 at the Westport Marina with a vengeance! We cautiously went up really quite close and took in the free show. It was intense! They are sunbathing, cuddling, vying for space, pooping, diving in the water, swimming around and crawling out, and generally making a lot of noise. At one point we watched open-mouthed as one brave, popular or foolhardy young sea lion waddled down the length of the pier on the backs of his mates, mosh-pit-style! It was exciting to be right out there on the pier with them amidst all the action! Lake was enthralled witnessing the large sea mammals up close, as long as he could hug onto NanaBaba or me, and I was just fine with that! A perfect day, I’m glad I spent it with you!

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