No Man is an Island

“NanaBaba, you take care of me,” Lake stated. I like how this picture from Damon Point has a literal representation of this. Here Nana is holding Lake up and he’s leaning into her embrace. Meanwhile the Pacific Ocean tides crash and lap at their (bare) feet. And they’re both smiling so joyfully! You know Baba is full of peace and joy too, looking at them.

Joyce Carol Oates’ Proust Questionnaire Vanity Fair Holiday 2018/2019 issue, she wrote: “Amid so much blatant cruelty in our political situation, such shocking indifference to the lives & welfare of those living in the margins of an affluent society, I think [the trait I most deplore in others] must be this institutionalized cruelty, & the hypocrisy that surrounds it. ‘Making America great again’–for whom? Wealthy white people?”

Oates makes an eloquent assessment of the current challenges in our national affairs, and meanwhile Lake makes an effortless statement of our interdependence. A moving book I recommend on this topic is The Nordic Theory Of Everything: in search of a better life (2016) by Anu Partanen.

“No Man is an Island” and so… we take care of each other.

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