Snow, Sea and Sheep

February 2019 has been the month of snow for most of us in Washington State, and one of snow, sea and sheep for Lake! We started out the month with a visit to Nora and Ed’s Farm our near Port Townsend for Groundhog’s Day. On February 2nd we confirmed the groundhog indeed saw his shadow, and what ensued was more winter with a vengeance! Snow arrived that very same day, and hasn’t left us yet! It came down thick and in flurries and “stuck” making a beautiful magical snowscape… the sheep didn’t mind a bit. They had full access to the barn the whole time but often were huddled bravely outside in their wool coats grazing peacefully. Lake loves the sheep but primarily the “baby sheep” (actually grandmother sheep, Beauty, who is smaller in the stature due to her age and breed) as the others of the flock are “too big” and intimidating.

Mostly he loves the sea, the Salish Sea and the Pacific Ocean. No matter how freezing it is, he’s happy playing in the cold wet sand with his bare hands. He likes making houses with doors out of driftwood, sticks and shells and sand. Lake got heaps of winter beach time in This month first here in Port Townsend with Nora and Ed, and later in Grays Harbor with NanaBaba. Lots of snow, sea, and sheep!

Thank you Nora and Ed for the great groundhogs day visit! What a February adventure it sparked! Will we get even more snow? Will the snowy weather last through Friday, the heralding of March? As the saying goes for the month of March… in like a Lion, out like a lamb!

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