Enchanted Newfoundland Kingdom

It was surreal. So many blossoms. So many people. Such a warm sunny day light a light warm breeze. Occasionally the blossoms would be kissed by the wind and would drift down in a lazy snow flurry.

We spent four hours on Sunday afternoon at the University of Washington Quad touring the de facto Cherry Blossom Festival. Lake and Langley and I. Plus a zillion others. It was a festive zoo. With surmountable difficulties we were able to meet up with some other Newfoundlands from the Newfoundland Club of Seattle. Lake was excited to look for James Bond (225# Newfie and 3 years old) in the crowd. As it turned out Langley was pretty happy to find him too. Sightseers effectively forgot about the cherry blossoms when we walked by. Langley is a showstopper. Everyone’s enamored with Langley. He is the strikingly handsomest Newfoundland we’ve ever seen. While James Bond may be the prince, Langley holds his own as the regal king. We held court in the shade of the blossom-filled sky and enjoyed to no end the enchanting floral canopy above.

Simply look up and one finds great peace, in spite of the crowds of loyal subjects. Truly enchanting. Our Enchanted Forest!

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