April Showers April Flowers

April Showers Bring… April Flowers!

As the cherry blossom viewing peaked and gave way to shoots of new green leaves, the rains came through washing the petals away in rivulets of pale pink. Then, suddenly there were seas of flowers and bowers of blossoms everywhere and exploding flowering trees and shrubs over every street corner. Especially dramatic is the display in the Skagit Valley. The Skagit Valley Tulip Festival, where swaths of joyful tulip heads dance their colorful dance in the between, yet further, rain showers.

April showers bring more April flowers. One happy mama. And one happy little boy! Mud! Tractors! A perfect day, really… rain, sun, tulips and springtime! A must see. A must do.

PC Luisa Jehle (tulips, Lake in tulips) and “Thank you!” to Luisa for taking Lake to play in the muddy tulip fields.

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