Play Street

Did you know? Free permits are available from the City if Seattle to block off your street to through traffic. As long as you’re not blocking an arterial, the city is very likely to approve your free permit which is good for weekly Play Street for six months! We were inspired by our neighbors on 17th and went ahead and applied for the permit allowing us to close our street for up to 12 hours per week. It was a soft opening on Saturday… a few neighbors stopped by to say hello. Lake and his friend Damien enjoyed cruising up and down the street on their balance bikes, even going in circles. Mr. Cat may have been the biggest fan, though. Nice having a reprieve from cars for a bit. The cats were owning the street. We’ll look forward to more Play Street ball playing bicycle riding neighborhood adventures to come!

Nursery on Wheels

We drove home from Portland last weekend $500 lighter and the Egg was loaded to the gills with plants. Auntie Jessica helped us pick out some solid additions while Lake played “train” with the carts and “saxophone” with the classic retro flamingo yard ornaments. After checking out we were a veritable nursery on wheels. Luckily for us it’s been a sprinkly rainy week since they’re not all planted yet. Bit by bit in the evenings Lake and Michael and I are getting them placed and in the ground. Roses and peonies and colorful shrubs abound! It’s fun and so pretty to give the garden a floral infusion. Perfect days for a garden lift… I’m glad I’m sharing it with you.

Piano Maestro

We picked up Michael at the “hostible” on our way to John Riley’s piano concert in Somerset, Bellevue earlier this month. He played Brahms and Rachmaninoff beautifully. He and his duet partner each introduced one of the pieces and then they played for an hour while the sun went low on the horizon. Lake sat for the first piece and went outside to explore the neighboring green belt for the second. Afterwards Lake took a turn at the piano. Jay stepped in to provide accompaniment. The crowd gathered and when he finished everyone clapped. Lake took a bow.

“You’re going to be famous someday, you know that?” They were saying to him. He had very nice form and style. He was pretending to read the music and would intermittently turn the page at appropriate intervals. His playing was surprisingly solid. Later that night at home in our pajama lounge Lake was introducing his dance performance antics.

“Goodnight. Sweet dreams. I will see you on the morning!”

Father’s Day Fun

Sunday for Father’s Day we had an urban family adventure. We went on a bicycle adventure to Ballard and Fremont… both neighborhoods have a Sunday market! As a gift to me Michael pulled Lake in the Burley trailer up and over all the hills between here and there and back again. Our day surely included lots of presents and pie for Michael! Michael is a wonderful father! We all love him so much and he keeps things fresh and fun! A perfect day, I’m glad we celebrated with you!

Live Streaming

Lake likes to name the city parks nearby, giving them new names. Cowen Park is Tom Park named after the day Tom took him there for some early memories on the swing set engaged in the mindblowing activities of swinging and under dogs. Then the Ravenna Park playground is called Kerry Park, not to be confused with the Kerry Park on Queen Anne which he probably hears the au pairs talking about for picture taking opportunities, like this one.

Last Sunday afternoon Tom Youderian, our family friend of aforementioned “Tom Park” fame came over with his wife Mandy to pay Lake a visit. After having some “chotlate” soy milk and refreshments on the back deck, we all went out for a walk.

Langley led us on a walk down into Ravenna Park… right down into the creek! It was a very hot day and the water was cool and refreshing.

That also looked like a swell idea to Lake, so off came the shoes and socks and a toe was dipped.

After that full-on live streaming commenced! That entailed throwing rocks while wading back and forth and upstream and downstream through the water. Tom Park Tom joined right in!

Live streaming is awesome! A perfect Sunday, I’m glad I spent it with you!