If you are the person who

  • finds your son’s dirty socks in your purse (yes, this happened this morning)
  • lives alone (yes, I’ve been there too)
  • is the most stylish person you know
  • has ever been confronted by a confoundingly stubborn jar lid just when you’re at your hangriest
  • everyone looks to for recommendations…

JarPop is a must!

Simple JarPop TM – jar opener directions read:

Place JarPop on rim of lid. Gently lift JarPop handle just until you hear vacuum release. Lid will spin freely off jar.

Originally recommended to my mother by the friendly staff at Greg Grund’s Crown Drug in Hoquiam, WA as a top selling item, JapPop is a true find. It elegantly and easily assists you to open stubborn jar lids. Buy one, buy a dozen and become more popular with your friends and neighbors! Plus be the hero of those awkward late night visitors, jar in hand guilty look in eyes, Can you help me open this? Yes, JarPop can! And will… with pleasure!

Lake’s a fan! With JarPop, you can be this happy too! A perfect day; I’m glad I spent it with you.