Half Marathoners with Baby on Board

“Getting up early to run a half marathon tomorrow,” I told my friends at dinner last night.

“Which half?” retorted Greg cleverly, “the first half, or the last half. Because I heard the last half is a lot harder.”

It will be the second half, actually… being that I ran the first half last weekend!

Michael and I ran this one together. It was his first ever half marathon, in spite of having run several full marathons. We both did great and met our goals by having a truly fun time the whole way! We chatted and nearly effortlessly passed the two hours (2:02.22), running 9:33 minute miles, crossing the finish line holding hands. Meanwhile… we’re actually four months pregnant with Lake’s baby sister, now. Baby on board, indeed! I wore the signs for spaß. Baby sister loves running, taking after her parents in that regard. It was altogether an extra sweet experience to share all together.

A perfect day for the Iron Horse Half Marathon… I’m glad I ran it with you!