Last drops of Summer

How do you squeeze the last drops of summer? Wring one more trip to your happy place out of the calendar before the season officially turns. As we flew to Spokane and onwards to Newman Lake we heard many stories of other families making “one last summer holiday” before school starts. Lake said as we were on the bus en route to the Link Friday after work:

I want to stay for 11 weeks and then come home. Because it’s more fun for me at NanaBaba’s. I like that

We came over to Newman Lake for the holiday weekend, and we stayed for four nights but tried to pack in 11 weeks worth of fun. Visiting, sailing, rowing, swimming, hiking, yoga, wildlife viewing (bald eagles, osprey), night listening (crickets and coyotes), northern lights and falling stars, and catching up on the recent nearby big game sighting stories (cougar).

We had a wonderful time catching the wind, soaking up the rays, splashing in the water, and reveling in the fellowship. Baba noted the visit had a dreamlike quality, as it nearly surpassed real life in its loveliness. And soon enough autumn will solidly be here with dark mornings, dark evenings and the signature dampness in the air. We will close our eyes and recall the last drops of summer. When the wind was filling the sails, the beaches were teeming with friends and neighbors, and the dock was full of family.

…and for now we savor the last drops of summer

2 thoughts on “Last drops of Summer

  1. What a beautiful experience. So glad Mike and Lake are coming to the family camp. We wish for you, too, Tolle. Hope you have a good time at home.


  2. Lake uses “eleven” as an arbitrarily high number, as it is well beyond his current conceptual numerical model, which I think trails off around four or five. He CAN count to about thirteen, but only when freshly retrained!


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