Nutcracker Tradition

Lake and I have been the George Balanchine’s Nutcracker danced by the Pacific Northwest Ballet together for three of the four years since his conception. It’s a Nutcracker tradition for us. We enjoy the sweetness of this magical experience. We like to bring Nana and sit right down in the front so we can see everything with the dancers and really get swept up into the story. This year Lake elected we ride the Link and the monorail to MaCaw Hall adding to the adventure.

The best part though comes leading up to and following the event itself. Lake delights all with the Nutcracker performances he puts on at home on the living room carpet “stage”.

A perfect holiday tradition, Lake. I’m glad I share it with you and Nana, and now Baby Sister, too! Thank you for making it so special.

I love you, Daddy!

I love you, Daddy! I love you, Daddy!

When I get big than you can I wear your clothes please? We can share, when I get big than you. Is that okay?

Lake references most things to “when I’m big than Daddy”

And he’s ecstatic to spend time together with Michael. Depending on our various schedules and the day of the week, different people will be the point person when Lake wakes up when his light turns green at 07:30. The other day if was a rare weekday morning where Michael was the point person. This was explained to Lake by Vivien that she would be sleeping in and her door would be closed Friday morning because she would be sleeping, and they would spend the evening together. So in the morning when his light turned green he would go to Daddy’s room. Lake’s face lit up; he could hardly believe his good fortune. He double checked with me just to make sure he’d gotten it right. He could open the door to Daddy’s room on Friday morning?!

Yes! They had a great morning!

On Sunday morning he got to crawl into bed with us when his light turned green. He asked if he could climb in between both of us. Then he was close to Michael.

I love you, Daddy! I love you, Daddy!

…and he kissed Michael’s cheek, just how Daddy likes it. So sweet!

A perfect day… I’m glad I spent it with you!

Is your Christmas Treed?

Is your Christmas Treed? Does it have all the ornaments on it? In all the right places?

Lake asked me while we decorated the tree this week.

Getting there!

So many pretty ornaments. So fun to play with. So many so fragile ornaments carrying priceless memories.

Finally our Christmas is Treed. Now we’re ready to enjoy the coziness of the season! Besides visiting with friends and family (eating pie, drinking tea…), our favorite activities are reading books while drinking hot chocolate by the fire wearing our matching pajamas and waiting for St. Nikolaus to come! Er kommt bald!

Lovely Mama

Lake and I have been spending a lot of time together lately. With Michael’s new work schedule we have eight evenings together in a row including every other weekend. Before the schedule change I was worried how it would be. I was wondering how I would manage as a single working parent for more than half the evenings. It has turned out to be challenging at moments, but a blessing in many ways. We have this incredibly special time together. He often shares with me the sweetest sentiments.

“Lovely Mama” sure melted my heart. He repeated it about four times in a row as it is occasionally his custom.

Tonight during our good night cuddle he was telling me how he loves a long cuddle and then often spontaneously: “I love you!” as well. Then he said an impromptu:

I came out happy.

I loved that now matter what he meant really. But I thought it was worth exploring. “You came out of where Happy?

The kiss!

I came in happy! I came out more happy!

Oh my!

What a lovely son.

Sweetie Pies!

You’re Michael’s Sweetie Pie!

Lake triumphs, softly poking my cheek as we cuddle and drift off towards sleep. We had just spent an enchanting evening trimming the Christmas tree with all our family ornaments, drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows and listening to the Nutcracker. Now it’s such a sweet relief to be cuddling in bed, so close to sleep.

You’re Michael’s sweetie pie!

He trills again.

I’m Michael’s sweetie pie!

He continues.

Michael’s your sweetie pie! You’re my sweetie pie. I’m your sweetie pie!

We’re all each other’s sweetie pies,

I agree. It’s true. He has uncovered a truth. A week spent with NanaBaba has added “sweetie pie” and its meaning to his lexicon.

He exuberantly concurs,

We’re all each other’s sweetie pies!!

How sweet. Goodnight, sweetie pie. I love you! A perfect evening. I’m glad I spent it with you.

Yogi Mama’s Black Friday

Lake and I enjoyed Black Friday barefoot at the beach near Westport with family. He’s always up for a downward dog. We were fortunate enough to be able to participate in Buy Nothing as we were visiting my parents, Team NanaBaba, who were feeding, nurturing and caring for our every need. Thankful for a lovely Thanksgiving rest and rejuvenation.

Now it’s back to work and teaching yoga for Whole U at the University of Washington. I love that I have had this opportunity- instructing this yoga class since January. It’s very special to me. Thank you to all my students and teachers for making this possible, my family and the Whole U for supporting me and to Baby Sister for now teaching with me! Our last day of my class will be week 39 gestation. Then the yogi mama will take time out for greeting Baby.