Lovely Mama

Lake and I have been spending a lot of time together lately. With Michael’s new work schedule we have eight evenings together in a row including every other weekend. Before the schedule change I was worried how it would be. I was wondering how I would manage as a single working parent for more than half the evenings. It has turned out to be challenging at moments, but a blessing in many ways. We have this incredibly special time together. He often shares with me the sweetest sentiments.

“Lovely Mama” sure melted my heart. He repeated it about four times in a row as it is occasionally his custom.

Tonight during our good night cuddle he was telling me how he loves a long cuddle and then often spontaneously: “I love you!” as well. Then he said an impromptu:

I came out happy.

I loved that now matter what he meant really. But I thought it was worth exploring. “You came out of where Happy?

The kiss!

I came in happy! I came out more happy!

Oh my!

What a lovely son.

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