Sweetie Pies!

You’re Michael’s Sweetie Pie!

Lake triumphs, softly poking my cheek as we cuddle and drift off towards sleep. We had just spent an enchanting evening trimming the Christmas tree with all our family ornaments, drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows and listening to the Nutcracker. Now it’s such a sweet relief to be cuddling in bed, so close to sleep.

You’re Michael’s sweetie pie!

He trills again.

I’m Michael’s sweetie pie!

He continues.

Michael’s your sweetie pie! You’re my sweetie pie. I’m your sweetie pie!

We’re all each other’s sweetie pies,

I agree. It’s true. He has uncovered a truth. A week spent with NanaBaba has added “sweetie pie” and its meaning to his lexicon.

He exuberantly concurs,

We’re all each other’s sweetie pies!!

How sweet. Goodnight, sweetie pie. I love you! A perfect evening. I’m glad I spent it with you.

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