Plus Onederful

How are you feeling… at 40 weeks? Feeling plus onderful! The sunshine and some lifting of the irksome sciatica inspired me to go out for a walk. So in true Tolle fashion I bicycled down to Greenlake to walk around the lake- a popular activity for all of North Seattle when the sun comes out. Especially after the darkest rainiest past month on record! It was a beautiful day and I was the slowest one out there- completing my 5 km circuit in 1.5 hours, after clocking in consistently at 30 minute miles. Nonetheless, feeling plus onederful… poised on the cusp of a major life event and life change, pregnant with possibly!

Meanwhile, I Lake and I are fitting in our cuddle time and gearing up for the addition of my new plus one.

Lake is game to try on some “fancy clothes” and test out nature organic boy modeling with Chamonix Penelope Browne of The Happy Film Company. Stay tuned…

A perfect day! I’m glad I spent it with you!

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