Roaring Twenties

Baba pointed out that we’re once more in the roaring twenties! Today he reported on an earlier adventure from Tuesday with Lake and Nana (Lynn). The three of them went for a day trip on the train from Olympia to Centralia and back. That was the plan.

We had a blast alright!  First,  freight trains came blasting by our station.  And I mean blasting!  Three engines on front, two on the back, and 100+ cars, and they never slowed down.  Must be going 60!  When we caught our mild passenger train we found that it was going all the way to Los Angeles.  Towards the end of our run,  Lynn and Lake take off to explore the other cars.  We start slowing for Centralia, and pull to a stop at the station.  No sign of the kids.  I get off.  Still no sign.  Turns out, they didn’t know we were stopped.  Clueless.  

Meanwhile on the station platform the conductor is waiting for three passengers to disembark.  He looks at his clipboard.   He looks at me.  “Are you Duane?”    “Yes”      “So……..(looks back at his clipboard)…….we need Lynn and Lake.”  His assistant speaks into his radio [loudspeaker], “Lynn and Lake,  this is your stop.   You need to get off the train!”  

The ending, which you could pretty much guess:  the kids both heard their names on the overhead speakers and came blasting back through the cars to their seats and their backpacks, and then scurried down the narrow stairway and suddenly appeared, Lake fairly leaping off the train onto the platform.   As in “Safe”… problem here.      

PS     On the ride back to the Olympia Lacey Station,  both travelers stayed close to their bags and their seats during the 20 minute ride, and paid good attention to their stop when the train began to slow down.

Too much fun in the roaring 20’s with NanaBaba! All’s well that ends well, as the saying goes. A perfect day, I’m glad I spent it with you.

2 thoughts on “Roaring Twenties

  1. Such a wonderful story – so very Lynn. Bet Lake and Nana were having a wonderful time. We laughed so hard just imaging the little drama. Some day I’ll tell you the story of a moving train in a very crowded Paris station, separated from Jim and I knowing only two words in French.

    Looking forward to the arrival of Baby Sister!

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